This page shows a comparison of pointcloud scans made using the original Kinect 360 and 3 other mainstream devices with 3d scanning capabilities.

The scans are all of the same object, which is the desktop computer used to develop the Time of Flight installation at Kiblix 2021/22.

The aesthetics of the scans are affected by the software available to access the data produced by each device, and focal range of the lens. We have tried to apply as little processing as possible, showing the results of our first attempts to capture the machine in 3d.


Move the mouse cursor around the window to shift positions and toggle colours.

Left-click and drag to rotate, right-click and drag to pan.

Scroll to zoom in and out.

Touch different points on the screen to shift positions and toggle colours.

Drag with one finger to rotate and with two fingers to pan.

Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out.

Time of Flight is an ongoing online/offline project by Compiler.